October 5, 2012

The Post Offices (USPS) Encore or the Beginning of the End

People unknowingly think the United States Postal Service is inefficient and burdened by "government employees".  Not true by any means - sure there are always a few bad apples, but that is true everywhere.

Imagine - a private company spending millions in research and then, the moment the research is complete it must be put into public domain for all competitors (UPS, FedEX, etc ) to use.  How can it survive when your competition, which you are not allowed to compete with, has access to all your market and product research and can skim the most profitable portions of the market with that research.

Add to that a collective of general, dis and mis information and attacks on an organization that does not have a PR budget to defend itself.

Every Door Direct Mail  (EDDM) could be the savior of the USPS.  A USPS encore? For the sake of the public, let's hope its not the beginning of the end.  More to come.

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