February 11, 2013

A Community Newspaper's Mission and My Vision

People have told me for many years that newspapers are a vanishing breed soon to be as extinct as dinosaurs.I believe those predictions to be true and imminent for the daily newspaper, however, the weekly newspaper is a different creature. It is much less threatened by the Internet news providers and likely to be the longest lasting of this dinosaur medium we call newspapers. I see them surviving well into this century's third decade.

I considered buying the local newspaper, but two things came glaring out of my due diligence;  one, I did not want to buy someone's current situation and two, I could, with the support of the amazing team I have put together, do it myself.

So my vision of a community newspaper.
  • Focus - On an affinity group geographically defined and bound.
  • Education - The basis for our educators to communicate with our community, be it anywhere from pre-school to collegiate level.
  • Theme - Rally around the community and people who support it.
  • Business - First serve the community from within. Second, support the community produced products that generate employment and third, be a communication conduit between businesses and the community to create a stable and efficient business environment.
  • Government - The portal for government information that the community needs to know and a method to discuss issues through civic journalism.
Thus my community, Windham, Maine 
Exemplified by - An Eagle - In our Schools and in our Community.
The Windham Eagle
Publishing Volume 1 - Issue 1 - March 1, 2013