January 1, 2010

Quotes I Have Used in My Own Business Career / History.- Permission Given to use and Steal (with credit :) ) ~rel

Quotes I attribute to myself in my own business career / history.
If you find any that belong to someone else, let me know so I can correct the credit

Career Path: It is always better to sell into your customer's sales side of their equation ~rel

Selling is Like Planting Grass Seed - Days End - No Results - Keep Planting - After a Month of Seeding You Will be Mowing ~rel

The Selling side of the business needs to lead with content and relationship / engagement building ~rel

It so rarely happens (like never) that someone you are selling to knows more about you, your product or your service than YOU. ~rel

Engagement has as much to do with timing as does quality content. Just like Life

"Great #Selling - Give the prospect all the #answers and then help them in asking the #questions" ~rel

"Top-Of-Mind" - #Key to selling anything - Personal Branding - When someone hears your product, they think your name” ~rel


"The media opportunities have not been taken over by one, they have been given up by many" ~rel


The Power of a Brand - How well you know (hear) the brand without anything more than the visual of the products ~rel

Advertising by itself isn't Collaborative. Collaboration requires common cause where conflict is minimal & reward potential is high ~rel

"Knowing why we do something is what allows us to adapt" ~rel.

Understanding #Advertising: People that used the Yellow Pages or use #Google today know what they are looking for - they are #buyers" ~rel


"Who can" is an easy question to answer. "Who Will" takes an Entrepreneur ~rel

"The Biggest Obstacle to Wealth is a Job" ~rel - Be an entrepreneur

A true Entrepreneur thinks of business as a sport and competes like an athlete - Everyone else is in the stands ~rel

"An True #Entrepreneur does not think they can, they just don't know why they can't" ~rel 

#Entrepreneur Thinking - I shall not listen to past reason - I make new reason -rel

The 'whole' objective is made up of lots of little objectives ~rel

What makes the Biggest Difference in ones chance of success - Doing It  ~rel

An Opportunist is Now - An Entrepreneur is forever ~rel

Think of being an entrepreneur as being the Tip-of-the-Sword ~rel

Always Question Authority - Always Question Success - Always Challenge ! This what an entrepreneur does ~rel

An Entrepreneurs biggest StartUp need is Cash flow - Cash flow through their Wallet ~rel

"It's not teaching someone how to be an #entrepreneur - it's teaching them what they need to know after they realize they are one" ~rel

"Getting laid off from that #job and starting your own #business equates to being pushed into the deep end of the entrepreneurs pool" ~rel

"It is the few that action their ideas - we call them Entrepreneurs" ~rel

"Just Do It -you don't need a #game plan to practice" ~rel

"There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world . . Those who have nothing to lose and those who have everything to gain" ~rel

"Procrastination is the highest hurdle in that business track meet" ~rel  


If it weren't for Disruptive Technology, we would likely be using improved Selectrics & a faster Horse & Buggy ~rel

Startup planning needs to include a "cost of money" target. Raising money costs more than you think ~rel

Glass Ceilings exist in Job Titles - not in business.

"You must compete to know you have a competitive advantage" ~rel

Is a Share Economy a fad or real (the Future)?  It Depends on Social Media tools - Yes?

Costs in Marketing should NEVER be about cost; it IS about diminishing returns on the next marketing dollar spent ~rel

Remember when Domain Names was a competitive biz? Registrars fought for our patronage. Today they got us by the URLs and they're squeezing ~rel

An impulse click will lose over 80% of it's users if a 2nd click is required. Take them to what they want to see – Deep Link always.

Why do I Love Twitter - It’s the ultimate testing environment - Test Everything from Elevator Pitches to Pickup lines ~rel

Genius Nike Sports and Business Terms - JustDoIt NoFear ~rel 

Great Decisions will remain a MANUAL process...  There is no AI yet to automate judgement. ~rel 

Definition: " Technical " How to use a tool. " Vision " What you can do with it ~rel


Print comes from THE MOST renewable resource ~rel


Boomers need to learn from Millennials - A Share Economy is in the future - embrace it. (IMHO) ~rel

"As we age, time accelerates, with each increment becoming a smaller percentage of what we have lived". ~rel  Think about it in real-time.

There is a Big Difference Between Teaching Your Children Not-To-Do the Wrong Things and Teaching Them To Do the Right Things  ~rel

"Empowerment is given - Power is taken or grasped.  To Empower, once given, is contagious" ~rel 

"Breakfast is your way of making tomorrow feel good" ~rel

"You know you have gone over the crest when you talk more about yesterday than tomorrow" ~rel 


Social Media did not kill Privacy, it only proved we never wanted it in the first place ~rel

We are in a new era of sharing our ideas & thoughts - the outcome, IMHO, will be a new level of learning ~rel

Today's social selling tools and approaches are like wearing Better Glasses - They give you better Vision ~rel

Social Selling involves engagement and content - with honor - honesty and sincerity... Don't just shout - be there to help out ~rel

Twitter can open doors - so when engaged - engage. - no simpler formula for success - There is no older business process ~rel

"Social Media is simply a tool - You do not measure the quality of carpentry by the hammer a carpenter uses" ~rel 

"Understanding the differences between Internet and social advertising options requires you to understand the options first" ~rel

"Top-Of-Mind" - Key to selling anything - Personal Branding - When one hears your product, they think your name ~rel


Public Speaking Practice Practice Practice. Being a Cubmaster is what made me good at it ~rel

"Part of being a good speaker requires that your mouth remember the words even when your brain can't" ~rel

Grammar is secondary to the message ~rel


Google owns everything data about us - Does that mean they own us? ~rel

The less you Live - the less you Live -rel

"You know you have reached the end of the trail - when they stop talking about you" ~rel 

Why is it that most people think they are underpaid and the remainder of the people think they are overpaying? ~rel

Analogous Situations are unprecedented -- I get it now - Historical knowledge does prevent making the same errors two+ times ~rel

"If They are Talking About You, You are Making a Difference" ~rel 

If you do not know what the questions are, how do you expect to get the right Answers ~rel

Hiding in the Weeds Only Works if You are a Weed ~rel privacy

Embellishment - The act of communicating that we 'want to be little more' ~rel

"There are people who don’t care if something is true or not. So long as it supports their position, they’re going to spread it" ~rel

People who describe things, as they want them, and as they want to be seen - Embellishers ~rel

There is a Big Difference Here - Teaching Ur Children not to do the Wrong Things vs Teaching Them To Do the Right Things ~rel

I have never been able to hide my mood - my different temperaments bubble through my skin without my mouth moving ~rel

"Never good enough" vs "there is always room to grow" ~perspective 

No religion should dictate over people and no people should dictate #religion; the #government body overseeing such should be #Family ~rel

"Knowing why we do something is what allows us to adapt" ~rel

"Someone who is 'always' innocent is usually guilty" ~rel

"You know you have gone over the crest when you talk more about #yesterday than tomorrow" ~rel 


Why do people send Faxes anymore? Do they? Do Faxes even send faxes to each other anymore? ~rel

I wish my body could still run as fast my brain thinks it can ~rel

"Have you ever opened a refrigerator's door and slammed it quick from fear of it walking away on its own?" ~rel

When you are young (40s) you ask woman, "Do you Like Older Men?"  When you are older (late 50s) you ask "Do you APPRECIATE Older Men?" ~rel

Serendipity's Definition - " Oops :) " ~rel

Yesterday I said to myself, "self, you must stop acting 1/2 your age." Luckily, today, I could not remember what I was supposed to do. ~rel

Just an FYI - My tweets are an eclectic cornucopia of ideas and actions - sometimes a bit eccentric ~rel

"Waiting for life to come to you is just so wrong" ~rel 


Identify yourself as, more than Local, but as a neighbor

Seeing Everyone’s Marketing Ideas Locally Makes That Person a Local Marketing Expert - Buy From Your Neighborhood Printer.

Is a Share Economy a fad or real (the Future)? It Depends on Social Media tools - Yes?


"When you encounter a first, don't consider the task, consider it as a first - you have done 100s before" ~rel

When you take the time to Think and Dream, even just a little, JustDoIt, Magic Happens ~rel

Sometimes we commit ourselves verbally to others, as a challenge to ourselves, at risk of failure ~rel

Success comes quicker to people who work Differently Better than people who do it the right way all the time ~rel

The difficulty in making a decision is directly proportionate to the number of choices available - a contrarian fact ~rel

"It is not ours to make the choice, it is only ours to provide the opportunity" ~rel

Henry Ford had it right: "... That model comes in only Black sir..." Genius

The Definition of Vision: "Having answers to questions that have not been asked yet" ~rel

"It's not our job to tell them what to do, but to give them the tools so they can determine what to do themselves" ~rel

"You possess the seeds of personality that will bloom in any soil"  ~modified from a Louisa May Alcott quote

"What is the one thing most of us already have enough of? Regret". ~Borrowed  "Try, even if you only try once (more)". ~rel

"I am a professional athlete; I play the contact sport of business" ~rel 

"Just Do It -you don't need a game plan to #practice" ~rel 

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