May 19, 2015

What is the Cost of a Click? A Lost Sale...

Have you ever clicked on a Google paid ad (one of those at the top of the search) and the link took you someplace other than the product page you were searching for and expecting?  Some businesses always want to bring you through the front door (my analogy to the home page) and then force you to figure out how to find the product you were searching.  This is obviously the wrong way to do PPC (Pay-Per-Click)  or even Proactive SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Clicks Cost Customers

First, let's understand, we have a buyer; someone who has searched for a very specific product.  The link should take the user directly to the Product Buy Page - never make the user search for the product..  It is too easy for the user to hit the back button and click to the next site.

  • Use specific key words for each product.
  • Link directly to the Product Buy Page being searched (from your PPC)
  • Tweet specific products and include the link to that Product Buy Page (Proactive SEO)   "Butterfly Ping Pong Paddle" is better then "Ping Pong Paddle".  If you sell multiple brands, list those other brands: "Stiga Ping Pong Paddle".  In addition, the specific search should be less expensive than the generic search "Ping Pong Paddle",
  • Never assume the user wants more information or different information than they searched.
  • Never take them to the home page and make them search for the product - take them directly to the Product Buy Page.
There are so many analogies to a brick-and-mortar store - just take the user to the Product Buy Page and make the sale.  After they become a customer, then tell them about all your other products.

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