June 9, 2015

Localizing a User's Web Experience - Utopia or Just the Future.

It seems every major brand is learning the value of localization, but in my opinion, it is not happening fast enough.  Large brands need to push local relationships because it makes their product and service, as well as the local product and services better (not to mention the revenue opportunity).  As of today very few see any of the opportunities beyond "where our local store is" or "who sells our product in your home town".  Can you see beyond the obvious; can you see what Amazon sees; can you see it?

The Big Box Home Improvements and The Hardware Franchise Collaborators:
Home Depot, Lowe's, ACE Hardware, True Value.

The opportunities seem endless here,  Each store, each department in the store and each product represent opportunities to introduce local business to these massive company's websites.  In plumbing, a different plumber in Dayton, Buffalo and Biloxi (everywhere).  Each location providing its own feedback articles with local flavor and differences.  This makes for relevance to everyone.  Hey guys, you already do this at your contractor's desk and on your professional referral boards. Can you see it?

Sports Equipment
Let's use golf clubs in this example.  Not only should I see where I can buy that Callaway Big Bertha, but it should include local Pro's, local golf course information and local leagues (info and results).  Can you see the key word here?  Pick your favorite sport - There is a major brand product there.  Do they see the opportunity?  Can you see it?

  Accounting Software
Which one of the local CPAs and/or bookkeepers would want to appear on the Intuit website?  I'll bet you didn't have to think hard.  Can you see it?

Other Products and Ideas
Lawn Products, like Scotts.  Yes, this is a DIY product, but ask a landscaper if they would want to be there.  Can you see it?

Think about the opportunities - they are limitless.  But, can you see it?  Can you see that each of these limitless opportunities are also limitless in scope.  Can you see it?

Think about the relevant content opportunities.  Don't let Amazon have it all.  Can you see it?

Think about the immediate revenue opportunities.  It does not have to cost a lot to be big as there are lots of locals in this country.  Can you see it?

Better Business - Net Better

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