June 23, 2015

Periscope is the Most Exciting "New Tech" Since Integrating a Camera into a Cell Phone

The kicker here is - it is not new.

Video calls, conferencing and video meetings have been around for years.  What makes Periscope so different from these previous technologies?  The compliment of Twitter under the same umbrella.

First, the single stream in and the multi-stream out.  Great quality even at LTE.  This is not new (GoToMeeting), but what Periscope does different is uses a lower quality, but more than good enough.  Make sense?

Second, It's free.  Skype offers multi-stream connections to known people, but at a cost.  Putting out a meet-up type invite is almost impossible to either do or coordinate.

Third, the tie to Twitter.  Twitter makes for the ability to schedule and market your event / meeting / training to your followers and way beyond.

Fourth, Periscope is different from MeerKat, is, well, Twitter.  Periscope has undermined the opportunity.

Fifth, and finally, this is so much more than a glorified YouTube - It's NOW.

People and competition will question and criticize the quality of Periscope.  They will question the content though the "anybody can" factor.  I say t that, look at the history of the camera phone.  I have heard the content issue many times before - Journalism and civic journalism are two different things; network TV is to Journalism as civic journalism will be to Periscope.  Creativity will explode - opportunities will abound.

For selling, for marketing, for customer service, for training, for on-the-spot news reporting, etc, etc...

This, in my opinion, is the most exciting marriage of technology, capability and customer base / penetration opportunity since the camera was added to cell phones.

This is such a classic case of  "Form follows Function".  "Periscope UP"

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