June 11, 2015

The One Thing We Can Count On – Change – A Changing Market

The Internet and social media, have changed so much about our businesses and the market(s) we sell to, no matter which one(s) they are.  Adapting to the changes is the key to being able to survive in the future.  I have seen four business environment changes (ice age type changes) in my adult life (the 4th being the current one).  Some companies survived because they were adaptive through entrepreneurship (dictatorship) control; some companies survived by refining their business model, sometimes through brute force and several mistakes until they get it right; sometimes the survivor was just a new entrepreneurial opportunists.

The natural tendency of change is towards chaos. It is imperative to focus efforts towards the vision. It is almost impossible that any complex change can be managed with any rigid structure and then deliver successful results - for change to succeed, frequent adjustments must be made – a fluid plan (of course, there are several MBAs and consultants, who have never done, who will tell me differently).

The art of success and management is to create harmony, order and direction from chaos.

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