June 22, 2015

Why EDDM Marketing Works and can / is be Measured by the Sales it Generates.

Since the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) introduced the EDDM program in 2011, it’s proving to be a big hit among small businesses across the country. EDDM enables retail and service companies to penetrate specific ZIP codes and neighborhoods and in an efficient, affordable manner without having to purchase or rent a list with names and addresses.
Cost is an obvious benefit, but it goes way beyond that. We like that there is less mail in the mailbox, thus less competition. We like that people have to go to their mailbox every day - guaranteed traffic. We like that EDDM is about over-sized mail pieces - yes, bigger is better (in this case).

Small Businesses
Designed with small businesses in mind, EDDM is ideal for just about any type of local business or organization that relies on local customers from nearby neighborhoods to generate sales. They are using EDDM to drive foot traffic, promote special offers and boost their customer base.

Large Companies
While smaller companies are key users of the service, large national companies are also discovering that EDDM can be beneficial to their marketing efforts. A number of chain stores have been using EDDM to test advertising campaigns in specific areas before deciding whether to roll these campaigns out nationally.

Franchises are also finding that EDDM is extremely useful. One of the key challenges of a franchisor is helping franchisees market their business. By offering turnkey pricing and customizable templates, print companies like LightsOn and Time4 are making it easier than ever for franchisees to get their local marketing programs off to a successful start.

EDDM is best for any business that focuses on B2C sales of local services;  Dentists, Landscapers, Tax Preparers, Pizza / Chinese Delivery, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, etc, etc, etc.!!

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EDDM is a registered trademark of the U. S. Postal Service (USPS).

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