August 7, 2015

Getting your SEO / Ranking Possibilities Right from Day One - SEO Tips Series

So you are creating a website and your objective is to get found.  The first thing you do is go to the network registrars and get your domain name (URL).  From the beginning (NOW) lets do it right.  Let's get your website's SEO off to the right start.

One of the first things the search engines look at is how long the website has been around.  It's the first piece of information in establishing and setting a level of trust.  Think of it in terms of job hunting - recruiters look for stable people who have been stable in their job history (funny oxymoron their).  The search engines have been programed the same way; has this website been around a while?  This one is tough to control if you are just out of school or a new website.

The next thing they look at is how long you (your URL) plans on being around.  Again, like job hunting, planned stability counts; like buying a house or any root planting scenarios.  In the case of your website URL, if you bought it for one year verses buying it for 7 years speaks loudly to your plans and confidence.  One Year domain are many times just flyers - not a lot of confidence in its existence thus not a lot of trust given by the search engines in return.  Buying for 7 years is like saying: “I want to be taken seriously.

SEO Tip Bug
Start out on the right foot with your website - for the extra $100, the search engines will take you a bit more seriously from the get-go.

This SEO tip will always be current.

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  1. Google, by and large, does not even look at most sites under 1 year. Good advice. That is why blogging does wonders for keywords so that once you get past 1 year, its like a tidal wave of power for your brand and your name - Liz

    1. Liz,
      Thank you for your comment. Agree on all. Thank you also for being a faithful Twitter follower.