September 4, 2015

McPrint vs Local - Its no different than Big Box vs Local (Oldie but Goodie - Reposted)

This article was written back in January 2013.  I chuckle every time I read this.
This is why you need to find and use your local printers and designers - The are the experts in your home town.
Buy Local and Preserve the Expertise
So this morning I went on continuing my research on "Local" and, in particular, "NetBetter" printing.  I walked into Staples just to get up-to-date info on the McPrint business (Understanding the Changing Print Market).  I have difficulty sounding anything but sarcastic in this article, but it's the epitome of Big Box and McPrint.  Here is how my conversation went this morning (with some injected commentary).
  • Me: "Hi, I'd like to get some pricing on some business cards". 
  • Staples: "Sure, we have several different types. You can order them online.
  • Me: "Wow".
  • Staples: "If you need them now, order the "Instant" cards, we do them here".
  • Me: "What size are these, I don't like the undersized business cards like from Vista".
  • Staples: "Our cards are all standard 2" x 3"."
  • Me: "You mean 2" x 3.5"." (thinking she just mis-spoke).
  • Staples: "No, our cards are standard size, 2" x 3" (at this point she looks at me and sighs (like saying, 'you see which side of the counter I am on')).
  • Me: "No, standard business cards are 2" x 3.5"."
  • Staples: "No they are not". (the 'your stupid' look continues).
  • Me: "Go grab one, let's measure it - I just want to make sure they are not undersized like Vista cards".   
  • Staples: As she walks away with a frustrated look, grabs a card and measures - "Oops, we are both wrong, they are 2" x 3.25"."  She tosses the card on the counter next to a sample I brought in.
  • Me: "That's 2" x 3.5"."
  • Staples: With frustration she remeasures and then humbly states: "Oh yea, these ones are 3.5" wide".
  • Me: "OK - I'll check the pricing online".
  • Staples: "Order the 'Instant ones' if you want them produced here".
  • Me: "Bye"
My morning - I must remind myself that this is McDonald's and not Morton's: "NetBetter" all !.

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