April 28, 2016

Doing Social with Today's Tools the "Old Fashioned Way". What Did We Do Before _______?

The media world has changed drastically in the last 10 years with new players (and tools) changing the way it 'was always done'.  Old players have died with more death coming - just like dinosaurs -  not having the ability to adapt.

Don't let the word technology scare you - its not - it's just product, process.  Here are a few of the more popular social medias and some analogous comparisons.  Hopefully this will help you evolve if you have not already.

Facebook: A deeper and broader collection of news, friend's thoughts, activities, information and entertainment; but also containing trivia, much of it untrue, narrow, shallow and sensationalized. It's organized to your specific interest and in no other way.  The collection appears unorganized and impersonalized to any other reader except the owner and creator of the 'feed'.  It is your newspaper, television and gossip sheet rolled into one - organized just for you and by you.

Twitter: Thoughts, sayings and gestures with controls and limits in time and size - In business it may be the equivalent of an elevator pitch.  It's 140 characters - short, concise and exacting' "Look over there", "read this", and "have you seen this".  Twitter, in a social world, is nothing more than walking down the street talking to everyone.

Pinterest: The personal catalogs of everything.  Any grouping of anything in anyway can be grouped together in any way you desire, including your stuff as well as anyone's stuff.  Example: I take pictures of my flowers in my garden every year and then group them together by type.  Other pictures, belonging to anyone / everyone else, that I choose to catalog within my personal catalog I do so as well.  And, anyone else can "Pin" your pictures into their catalog. 

Instagram: The Polaroid of social media, designed and intended to be the 'instant share of now'.  Take a picture and share it - as the name implies "Insta...".  "Look who I am sitting next to".

And there are more.... Each of these products have fits for both personal and business - if you have never . . . LEARN - but when  you do learn, understand that they can be addictive.  Don't forget to go outside and be social too - Shake Hands, Hug and Kiss...

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