May 2, 2016

The Media(s) of 2016 Were Well Predicted Back in 2004's "Epic 2014".

Loved the EPIC videos from the early 2000s. It really was an amazing media predictions from 2004; The companies may not be named (because they did not exist yet), but the occurrences are uncanny. Careful with the timeline as it goes from history to future(fiction) in 2004.
Maybe this explains why our media leans so far, while our opinions tend to be more issue oriented and finally, our politicians (many) fall into the center actually afraid to make a mistake, thus avoiding making decisions that get things done.
Bottom line, I believe today's media, when taken in balance, makes (the) US more informed decision makers. The key is, like in life, balance...

Watch this video; "Epic 2014" ... It's eery.

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