June 18, 2016

Why People Smoke . . . Or Better Said, Why Do People Smoke?

First, let me apologize to my friends that smoke.
This is not meant to be offensive or insulting to anyone,
especially those close to me in any way.

I so rarely rant and this is so not my subject, but I got up this morning smelling cigarette smoke in my bedroom - the stink was terrible. At first, I wondered where it was coming from - then I realized - my clothes - OMG.  I was a half-hour in a Florida bar talking to someone the night before - I must have been a magnet for the smoke in the air.  Now let me clarify, I don't mind people smoking around me - I just don't remember the after aroma in my younger years.  This, all by itself, would have caused me to stop smoking if I did - instantly.

I am obviously missing the good that comes from smoking
as people still do it. People do it in spite of:
  • COST - Can people really enjoy something that much - approaching $10/pack - it adds up to a small car payment.
  • Skin Discoloration - Look at a 55 year old life-long smoker's skin - is that something to aspire to?
  • Shortness of Breath -  Watch people in the grocery store - the 50 year old who has to catch their breath at the end of every isle.
Smoking must have a "really good"
that people will continue to smoke in spite of the consequences.
  • Eye Discoloration -  Compare two 45 year old people - One a heavy smoker - one who does not.  Is off color yellow the new white?
  • Teeth Discoloration - OK, so I drink some coffee - imagine if I smoked to?  My coffee drinking does not make your teeth yellow or you stink.
Smoking must have a "really really good"
that I have just don't get.
  • It's will take away from your quality of life it later years - forget that it shortens it.
Smoking must have a "really really really good"
for people to smoke in spite of all this.
  • You Stink - in too many ways.  Do some people like that - Do some people like it so much that they feel compelled to share the fragrance.
Bad Breath from SmokingJust never got it . . .
  • Ever kissed a heavy smoker - To quote Forrest Gump, "She taste like cigarettes" - are there people who like that?  First three important things I notice about people - eyes, teeth and smell.
I am so out of touch - I missed something in life.
  • "Oh, I smoke only when I drink". - OK, there might be hidden meaning here - but I still don't get it.
  • "It's my stress relief" - Is it? or is it something to do when you escape.
Sorry for being judgmental this morning.

I feel like Louis C.K. (you have to be a SNL addict to understand).

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